Infants: 0 - 12 Months
Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months
Twos: 25 - 36 Months
Threes: 37 - 48 Months
Fours: 48+ Months

Tuition Schedule

Special Needs Policy

The Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child accepts children with special needs as long as a safe, supportive environment can be provided for the child.  When a child with special needs’ application for admission to the program is submitted, the Center Childcare Director, a FMU Psychology faculty member, and the parent will meet to review the child’s care requirements.  To help the program staff better understand the child’s needs, the parent of a child with special needs will be requested to provide relevant developmental assessment information or arrange to have the child assessed as determined by the RCC Childcare Director and a FMU psychology faculty member.  If the RCC Childcare Director and FMU psychology faculty member determine the RCC program is unable to meet the needs of the child, the Director will work with the parent to find a more suitable environment.

Parents also may be asked to authorize release of information from providers of special services to help the Center coordinate the child’s care.